What’s the key to the future of hotels?

With more than 400 keys completed in the last 12 months, Pacific are continually developing their expertise in the hotel market.

Covering a range of hotels such as the Marine North Berwick, Rusacks St Andrews, Holiday Inn Edinburgh Zoo, Marriott Holyrood, Mount Royal (all in the capital) and Crowne Plaza Glasgow, our hotel work has been prolific and wide-ranging.

While learning through doing is a key component in improving our business and process, it is also useful to learn from experts in the sector and our peers in the design and operational areas of hospitality.

Our attendance at the Annual Hotel Conference (AHC) in Manchester last September was an example of this continuous development.

We met numerous other players in the hotel sector at the event and discovered how upcoming trends and best practice could improve Pacific’s approach and offering.

It is not only formal conferences and events that can provide this knowledge – continuing dialogue with our partners in hotel projects through progress meetings, workshops and informal discussions can also broaden the knowledge base of the Pacific team.

With numerous hotel projects successfully delivered in the last five years, our contracts, site and commercial teams are now highly experienced in the sector, making a positive contribution to every project.

So, based on our involvement in hotel projects and increasing knowledge of the wider market, what are the key questions as we move into summer 2024?

  • What is the effect of current interest rates on hotel investment – are refurbishment projects being favoured over new-build developments?
  • Will there continue to be opportunities to refurbish existing hotels through rebranding or offering new services?
  • Is there a demand for the repurposing of town and city centres into mixed-use and hotel spaces – in particular the conversion of vacant office and retail space to hotels?
  • Hotels are now offering services to external users including gym and restaurant facilities – how will this affect the sector?
  • Fashion, retail and car brands are entering the hotel market – bringing different operational, pricing and marketing approaches to the market. What effect will this have on the market?

The hotel sector remains a key contributor to the construction economy, and we believe it will remain a core sector for Pacific over the coming years.

Contact us if you think we can help you – and let us know your thoughts too, as that can help us deliver better projects in the sector

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