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Lynsay Thomson

Favourite holiday destination and why:
Turkey – fantastic weather, lots of activities and the people are extremely friendly, accommodating and cannot do enough for you

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
P.E, teacher – I loved sport and was very good at a few different activities, in particular football and badminton

How would your friends describe you?
Caring, kind and thoughtful

What’s your favourite karaoke song?
No lie, I cannot sing. But after a few refreshments, Shania Twain’s Honey Im Home may be attempted!

If you could be anyone (real or fictional) who would you be and why?
Mary Poppins because she is always happy, can find everything and anything she requires in her handbag. Her umbrella also allows you to fly – the saving on taxi fares and rush-hour traffic would be well worth it!

Top four dinner guests (dead or alive):
Mum, Sister, Niece & P!nk

Favourite movie:
Miss Congeniality

Favourite meal?
Steak pie & chips (vegetables are forced!)

Greatest achievement?
Completing my CIOB EPA exam, passing with a Merit,. This will allow me to advance towards MCIOB status

Given the chance, what rule would you implement in the workplace?
Half-day Friday

Pacific Building Accreditation
Pacific Building Accreditation