Edinburgh Airport YO! Sushi is a belter

CONVEYOR belt diner YO! Sushi has had a mouth-watering makeover at Edinburgh International Airport, courtesy of Pacific.

In just 19 days, the hugely popular airside restaurant underwent a refurbishment that involved:

  • New lighting
  • New kitchen
  • Flooring
  • Graphics
  • Tables and seating
  • Installation of YO To Go takeaway display units
  • New bar counter
  • New conveyor belt
  • Fixes to plumbing, electrical, lighting and audio-visual systems

This is the first YO! handled by Pacific and the makeover came after the owners decided that the seven-year-old eaterie was in need of a refresh.

YO! Sushi specialises in delivering food to customers using the Japanese style “kaiten” conveyor belt method.

In each diner, various sushi dishes and other Japanese cooked foods are prepared in a theatre-style kitchen in plain view of customers and then set on the thin belt, allowing diners to pick any dish they like.

The restaurants are mostly based in the United Kingdom but others have been opened in the Middle East, Russia, Ireland and the United States.


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