Museums and gallery spaces are another area of expertise for Pacific, who understand the importance of protecting and showcasing artefacts, culture, sport and science within welcoming and inspiring public locations.

Experience has taught us that the optimal results come from a “joined-up” approach, with collaboration with our clients and their partners playing a critical role in the overall delivery.

With museums and exhibitions, logistics is a key success factor. Through diligent planning, we are able to manufacture, deliver, install and maintain key items including cases, screens and displays on a fast-track basis.

If required, we can also assist clients with the relocation and dismantling of exhibits.

We’ve worked in collaboration with some of the country’s most acclaimed designers and architects, and have been relied on to deliver their design and functionality visions and those of their clients.

Having the technical expertise to deliver high-value projects of this type, we are supported by a robust partnering supply chain, directly employed trades people and bespoke joinery manufacturing.

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