Marine Hotel, North Berwick

At Pacific Building, we are proud to deliver all our projects on budget and on time – and beyond the expectations of our clients.

Our construction and fit-out projects come from a variety of sectors and a number of sensitive and secure locations, including airports, hotels, commercial, leisure, hospitality and retail environments.

An open, flexible approach ensures that we are well placed to work within challenging environments and to demanding timescales. We are also able to prefabricate many of the fittings used in the projects we complete, allowing us to work to a faster timescale than our competitors.

This section of the website contains just a few examples of the massive body of work we have completed for a host of clients – some global household names, others smaller and closer to home. Browse the news area to find out more and to read about the most recent projects we have delivered. Case studies can also be viewed here.

Contact us today to find out how we can deliver for your business.

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