Pacific women are without equal

International women's Day #eachforequal #IWD2020
Lauren Gilmour, Donna Williams, Lynne McKay, Lauren Schoolar, Jennifer Strain, Jacqueline Leitch, Anne Tavendale, Caroline Gumble, Katie O’Malley and Kate Macbeth

THE women at Pacific Building welcomed a special guest when they put on their hard hats and struck a pose to mark International Women’s Day.

Caroline Gumble, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Building, took time out from her visit to the company’s offices to join them.

She also brought along Kate Macbeth, Director of Marketing and Digital, and Lynne McKay, CIOB Regional Manager for Scotland.

All 10 adopted the arm-over-arm, hands-out #EachForEqual pose that has a been generated for the big day, and is designed to galvanise continuous collective action by women and promote mutual respect and gender pay equality.

The day – which dates back to 1911 – also celebrates in a non-stereotyped way the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women the world over.

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