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At Pacific, we like to see our name in print, whether it’s in mainstream media outlets or construction news publications and platforms.

To date, many of our projects have attracted interest and generated coverage in the national and local press and won us column inches in construction publications – all of which helps to keeps us at the front of people’s minds.

With the advent of social and other media forms, however, we can also ensure that we make our own news – through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube and, of course, our website.

Please link up with us wherever you find us – and we will keep you up to date with our activities across the construction and fit-out sectors.

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Fondest farewell to Jack

March 30 2020
TODAY we say farewell to Jack Frater, an incredible man who meant a great deal to the team at Pacific because he was so crucial to the growth of...  more >

Toby Lauriston Farm stands out from the herd

March 11 2020
A COMPREHENSIVE makeover of one of the most popular family restaurants in east central Scotland has been completed by Pacific. The four-week programme saw the Toby Carvery Lauriston Farm...  more >

Pacific women are without equal

International women's Day #eachforequal #IWD2020March 8 2020
THE women at Pacific Building welcomed a special guest when they put on their hard hats and struck a pose to mark International Women’s Day. Caroline Gumble, Chief Executive...  more >

Our apprentices show ‘talent without limits’

March 5 2020
PACIFIC’S four apprentices are as proud of their ability  to improve their skills and learn new ones as they are to wear the company’s badge. And during Scottish Apprenticeship...  more >

Massive Manchester duty-free under way

March 4 2020
A HUGE project of truly international and multi-branded dimensions is under way at Manchester International Airport. Pacific Building are masterminding the creation of an all-new retail experience for World...  more >

CIOB chief pops in at Pacific

Caroline Gumble, CIOB, and Brian Gallacher, Pacific Building, with Kate Macbeth and Lynne McKay, also CIOBMarch 2 2020
The new Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Building, Caroline Gumble, popped into the Pacific Building headquarters today (March 2, 2020). She is just seven months into her...  more >
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