McDonald’s, Motherwell

Pacific have just handed over another outlet for McDonald’s, which incorporates the growing demand among customers for deliveries while maintaining a positive experience for dine-in fans.

The all-new drive-thru restaurant takes pride of place in Flemington Industrial Estate, between Motherwell and Wishaw.  

This first section of the project – for clients eurogarages – involved site profiling, installation of drainage, foundations and associated substructure works.

Pacific then managed the construction of the access road, car parking and landscaping before the landing of the prefabricated restaurant units.

The new two storey restaurant features an expanded kitchen and separate delivery counter, in line with recent McDonald’s restaurants as well as a two-lane drive-thru.

Construction took 12 weeks, and the new outlet represents a major investment in Motherwell, together with the creation of scores of new jobs.

Part of McDonald’s new Convenience of the Future programme, the restaurant combines a new layout with the latest technology to give more space to customers, avoid congestion around order touchscreens and reduce queues.

Dedicated courier waiting areas will also allow the staff to better accommodate delivery drivers’ needs as well as reduce congestion in the dining area, and couriers will also have their own parking area.

The Motherwell outlet is similar to the one delivered by Pacific in Cumbernauld.

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