McDonald’s Made For You – by Pacific

PACIFIC have just completed a new pilot restaurant for McDonald’s which will showcase the fast-food giant’s new “just-in-time” concept.

Called Made For You, the system guarantees delivery to the customer of fresher, hotter and tastier meals in 90 seconds, and, like everything else with McDonald’s, it will be consistent across the world.

Pacific have just handed over the “restaurant of the future” in South Shields, Tyne and Wear, and it features self-service order units and a separate order and collection counter

From the second the customer orders, staff at different preparation stations around the kitchen begin toasting the buns, adding ingredients and packaging the food.

The customer pays and then moves aside to a collection point, while the meal is prepared from scratch in its entirety.

Under the Made For You system, the familiar and longstanding warming racks have been dispensed with. Find out more in this video.

The South Shields project is the latest in a large and varied inventory that has been masterminded for McDonald’s by Pacific over a number of years.

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