Lots of love and learning as Lauren lives life to the full

IT’S the most wonderful time of the year, goes the Andy Williams festive song – but, for Lauren Gray, it has been the most wonderful year … full stop.

Hold your breath – in 2019, she graduated from university, got married abroad (and celebrated her birthday at the same time) and then hosted a huge wedding reception back home for nearly 200 guests!

Lauren, who is Head of Human Resources and Administration, has just graduated with a BSc in Business from the University of the West of Scotland in Paisley.

This has formed the pathway to allow her to pursue further studies with the Chartered Institute of Personal Development – Level 7 Human Resources, which are now under way via home study.

On October 16 the former Lauren Schoolar married David Gray at the Es Nautic restaurant in San Antonio in Ibiza in front of 48 friends and family members.

Not surprisingly, the occasion of her birthday provided even more cause for celebration.

And then back home she welcomed 170 guests to her wedding reception at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Glasgow on November 19.

Lauren said: “I don’t like to do things by halves – and 2019 has proved that. What a whirlwind – and what an utterly memorable year.”

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