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Hypostyle office conversion

26th August 2013

Hypostyle Architects

St Vincent Crescent, Glasgow


Eight weeks

Design Team:
Hypostyle Architects


Hypostyle Architects wanted to convert the basement of their existing offices in a Georgian townhouse to extend available office space for their team, in addition to installing a glazed balustrade in the main internal reception area.

The project was to take place over eight weeks while the practice was fully functioning and occupied during office hours with a full complement of staff. Furthermore, the project had to conform to exacting standards because the completed conversion would be an on-site example of Hypostyle’s own work.

Prior to the beginning of the project, the basement did not have a defined floor, consisting only of subsoil. In addition to working in a live environment, this would be the first major challenge facing Pacific Building in this project.


Well versed in working in live environments and keen to ensure that disruption to the Hypostyle team was kept to a minimum, Pacific Building formulated a shift pattern encompassing weekend working, in addition to utilising construction methods designed to minimise the dust and noise created by the works.

Following the addition of a damp-proof course to the basement, Pacific Building added a concrete floor to ensure a high quality, solid foundation for the remainder of the works. The concrete was brought into the building over one weekend, when access to the basement could be easily gained through the offices above, before being laid and left to set during working hours, ensuring that no inconvenience was caused to Hypostyle staff.

Once the concrete works were completed, Pacific Building created offices, a print room, server room, a tea and coffee preparation area and a toilet in the basement space, all to specifications of the highest standards.

The manufacture and installation of a bespoke glazed balustrade in the internal reception area also took place out of hours, and the production of high-end workmanship was delivered to the client with minimum disruption and the greatest of impact.


Pacific Building completed all works to a high standard and to the client’s exact specifications. Hypostyle Architects were delighted with the results produced, and the team were able to work throughout the duration of the project without any detrimental effect on their work.

Pacific Building have since worked in collaboration with Hypostyle Architects on a number of successful projects, and we continue to deliver above and beyond expectation.

Hypostyle Office Case Study

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Pacific Building Accreditation