Help us gift some joy to hospital kids

WE are going to make Christmas extra special this year for the families relying on Ronald McDonald House in Glasgow.

This fantastic charity provides a home from home for the families of seriously ill children who are being treated at the Royal Hospital for Children nearby or at other hospitals in the west of Scotland.

Sometimes it’s just one parent, sometimes it’s two and sometimes it’s also the siblings of the little patients as well who find themselves using Ronald McDonald House as a temporary base during what is a traumatic time for them all.

Frequently, the families come from far away but sometimes they don’t – they are local and they just want to be as close as possible to their sick little ones.

So Pacific are collecting donations of toys – both for the young patients and for their brothers and sisters who are living temporarily at the house on Govan Road.

The staff at Pacific will be getting together to raise money to buy the gifts – and they would be hugely appreciative if members of the local community would join them.

If you would like to donate a present, all we ask is:

  • The gift is brought in to our head office at 33 Earl Haig Road, Hillington, G52 4JU, before Wednesday, December 18, 2019
  • That you place a tag on the gift indicating whether it is for a boy or girl and what age group it is suitable for (one to 16)
  • You ensure the gift is  brand new for hygiene reasons

This isn’t the first time we have helped out the team and the residents at Ronald McDonald House.

Back in October, we revealed that the staff employed in Pacific’s new bespoke joinery workshop had given of their time and their skills to make betting paddles for the House’s annual Sports Dinner.

Ronald McDonald House is a peaceful, welcoming and safe base that provides families with 31 beautiful bedrooms, kitchen stations, lounges, games room and laundry facilities.

This helps them to forget the stress of being away from home and allows them to concentrate on what matters most – the wellbeing of their children.

Everything is provided free of charge, so the charity needs lots of support from donors – and that’s where Pacific and the local community come in.

The gifts will be delivered to the House on December 20, 2019.

We will post a news update and photos of the handover on our website then.

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