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Harvester, Livingston

3rd December 2014

THE Harvester in Livingston is a restaurant that had a life as a diner with a different name prior to being acquired by MItchells & Butlers.

As a Tony Roma’s, however, it had served its purpose – and a new future beckoned under the Harvester brand.

M&B, who are one of the UK’s biggest operators of restaurants and bars, took the West Lothian eatery into their stable and earmarked it to be one of the first restaurants to be fettled with the new Harvester family friendly decor.

The project – with a price tag of about £160,000 – involved an extensive strip-out and refit, with the usual attention being paid to detail, as per most M&B contracts.

Flooring, ceilings, bars, partitions, tiling, doors, stairs, balustrades and other fixtures and fittings were replaced over the six-week duration of the works, during which the restaurant closed.

The end result is an appealing, fresh, family friendly diner which doffs a cap to traditional values and speaks of an appreciation of natural produce and an understanding of the need for harmony and sustainability between diner and food source.

Harvester, Livingston

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