Gate Expectations

GLASGOW International Airport is extremely busy, handling in excess of nine million passengers every year.

And with increasing pressure to answer travellers’  demands for new routes to Europe and beyond, the airport infrastructure needs to be fit for purpose.

So, as part of the ongoing upgrade at GLA, Gate 26 underwent an extensive refurbishment, courtesy of Pacific Building.

Works carried out were:

  • The removal of existing partitions, ceilings and floor finishes
  • Mechanical and electrical installation
  • New bulkheads, suspended ceilings, flooring and wall linings
  • New fire doors
  • New stainless steel and glass balustrade
  • Installation of new desk
  • Full decoration
  • New gate signage

The general-purpose Gate 26 is situated on the Western Pier at the airport, which is one of the fastest growing airports in Europe.

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