We’re Funding Neuro

THE third worthy organisation to benefit from Pacific Building’s generosity and social conscience is Funding Neuro, who fund research focused on solving the common problems which hinder progress towards cures and effective treatments for all conditions which affect the brain and spinal column.

National fundraising manager Maisie Hamilton popped into the Pacific office in Hillington, on the outskirts of Glasgow, to pick up a cheque for £500, which will be used to advance the means for accessible, fast and effective treatment for brain illnesses.

She said: “This is a fantastic donation from a company that obviously cares not just about people but about local organisations striving to make a difference in the lives of so many who are struggling with life-threatening or life-changing conditions.

“We will add this money to the pot we are currently building up to accelerate drug development and advance the research that professionals strongly believe will make the difference for people suffering from brain-related illnesses.

“Our target for the moment is £250,00, which, if reached, will help develop revolutionary technology pioneered by Professor Steven Gill that delivers chemotherapy directly to the tumour while protecting healthy cells.”

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