Extra sides at McDonald’s

PACIFIC are dishing up extra sides for McDonald’s, with the introduction of a number of double drive-thru projects at fast-food outlets across the United Kingdom.

Instead of the usual, single vehicle lane access to a single order point, these restaurants have two side-by-side lanes, each with their own order point, for the use of drivers wishing to purchase meals “to go”.

McDonald’s have introduced the concept in order to cut down the amount of time customers have to spend in line at the drive thru.

It is also designed to prevent the company’s workers having to stand outside to take orders from drivers queuing during busy periods.

The latest McDonald’s restaurant to be converted from single lane to dual-carriageway”  is in Peterlee, County, Durham, where Pacific Building delivered the project on time and on budget.

It is one of six short-term fast turnarounds that have been undertaken recently by Pacific, who are proud of their strong and longstanding relationship with McDonald’s.

Two other “side-by-sides” that have been completed are located in Thinford and Consett, both in County Durham, and in Elgin, Moray.

The others under way for the US burger giants are in South Shields and Redcar, County Durham.

Earlier this year, massive plaudits were dished out by McDonald’s after Pacific completed a two-storey fit-out at Openshaw in Manchester.

Along with the franchisee, they delivered a “We’re Lovin’ It” verdict as a result of the sheer quality of the workmanship delivered by Pacific as well as the professionalism and commitment shown.

Pacific Managing Director Brian Gallacher said: “Our relationship with McDonald’s is continuing to be a fruitful one – but only because we strive to do better every time we work with them.

“We will adhere to this principle going forward and we look forward to continuing our highly valued partnership with McDonald’s.”

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