Emma makes it donation No10

THE recipient of the 10th and final good-cause donation from Pacific is Emma Boyle, a sixth-year student at Balfron High School who has volunteered as part of a group to participate in an expedition to Peru in the summer of 2015.

This will be a four-week trip and will include community development work, environmental projects and wildlife conservation.

During her time in Peru, Emma will also work with children in an orphanage to help improve their education.
Towards the end of the expedition, there will be a trek up 2430-metre (7972ft) Machu Pichu.

The core objectives of the charitable expedition are to undertake projects in order to:
• Raise educational standards on developing communities
• Raise living standards in a rural area
• Assist with ongoing wildlife conservation programmes to preserve biodiversity and protect vulnerable habitats

Emma, pictured receiving her cheque for £500 from Commercial Director Christopher McGuire, is a volunteer at children’s hospice Robin House and loves to help others, and she hopes to go to university to study primary education.

The expedition is self-funded and costs £4000. She has raised money through car washing, sponsored 10k run, car boot sales and tumbles as well as supermarket bag-packing.

She said: “This expedition is extremely important to me because I feel I will acquire and develop many important life skills such as independence and self-awareness.”

Emma’s expedition falls under the auspices of The Camps Foundation, which raises funds to support charitable projects.

Pacific have now made 10 donations to 10 good causes to mark the company’s 10th anniversary .

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