Conveying a fresh message

THE first McDonald’s restaurant in Scotland to feature a new food-delivery conveyor belt has been completed by Pacific.

The outlet at Silverburn in Glasgow – which also showcases for the first time in Scotland the fast-food firm’s premium “Wood and Stone” decor theme – is part of a 10,900 square metre extension os the flagship shopping mall.

Located in the Winter Garden area of the centre, the new 3,800-square-foot restaurant features digital menu boards and tablet computers on some of the restaurant tables for customers to enjoy while they dine.

The diner also boasts self-order kiosks, which allow customers the option of browsing through the menu and ordering at their leisure or using the traditional till services.

The Silverburn extension already boasts nine new restaurants, including Carluccio’s, Cosmo, Five Guys, Pizza Express, Chimichanga, TGI Friday’s and Zizzi.

David Pierotti, General Manager of Silverburn, said, “This is a very exciting time for Silverburn and the local community.”

The conveyor allows McDonald’s to deliver fresher, faster food to customers and all in full view of the public.

The all-new restaurant is also decorated with natural wood and sustainable stone materials, as well as graphical representations of both.

Find out more about McDonald’s delivering a fresh message here.

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