Considerate Constructors award

PACIFIC have scored highly in a Considerate Constructors audit of the site of the new TK Max store at the Faraday Retail Park in Coatbridge.

In being awarded  hugely creditable mark of 34/50, the company was praised for the site, plant and workforce appearing “professional and well managed and presenting a positive image of the industry”.

All category scores were either at a level of “Good” or “Very Good” and it was noted that Pacific successfully conveyed its corporate values as well as respecting the community and environment.

The £630,000 project embodies enabling works for the store, which will be situated in Unit No7 and part of Unit No6.

The work involves the internal refurbishment of an existing retail unit and includes the removal of fixtures, fittings and services as well as the demolition of clockwork walls and installation of doors and roof treatments and vents.

The  existing  concrete  floor  slab  will  also be  broken  out  locally  to accommodate new pad foundations for structural steel columns that will support a mezzanine floor.

A lift pit, fire escape doors and curtain wall glazing will be installed and cladding repairs carried out. External works will be carried out to access paths, service yard and car park.

The Considerate Constructors Scheme is a non-profit-making, independent organisation founded by the building industry to improve its image.

Sites, companies and suppliers voluntarily register with the scheme and agree to abide by its code, which is designed to encourage practice beyond statutory requirements.

The main areas of concern for the scheme are those that impact on the general public, the workforce and the environment.

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