CIOB chief pops in at Pacific

The new Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Building, Caroline Gumble, popped into the Pacific Building headquarters today (March 2, 2020).

She is just seven months into her post and decided to head out around the country to meet some of the talented teams who keep the construction industry vibrant and successful.

First stop on her tour of Scotland was the Pacific office in Hillington Park, on the outskirts of Glasgow.

Caroline was accompanied by Kate Macbeth, Director of Marketing and Digital, and Lynne McKay, CIOB Regional Manager for Scotland.

Company Chairman Brian Gallacher and Managing Director Gerard McMahon spent time discussing Pacific’s history and future plans with her.

They pointed to the company’s dynamic and flexible approach to business development and project delivery, and the fact that the future looks extremely positive through the retention and creation of new work streams and client relationships across business sectors and geographical locations within the United Kingdom.

They then gave her a guided tour of the office premises and workshop, where much of the bespoke joinery for larger projects is fabricated.

Such was the warm welcome she received, Caroline smiled as she revealed that she was pleased she had made Pacific her first stop on her tour of Scotland.

Caroline Gumble, CIOB, and Brian Gallacher, Pacific Building
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