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YO! Sushi, Edinburgh Airport

YO! Sushi
Edinburgh International Airport
19 days


Pacific had to refurbish to an extremely tight deadline a hugely popular YO! Sushi conveyor belt Japanese diner. The restaurant was about seven years old and was in need of a refresh.


Liaison with partner agencies was key as Pacific drew on their vast experience of delivering to deadline and to budget in security-sensitive and high-traffic areas such as airports. In just 19 days, the hugely popular airside restaurant underwent a refurbishment that involved:

  • New lighting
  • New kitchen
  • Flooring
  • Graphics
  • Tables and seating
  • Installation of YO! To Go takeaway display units
  • New bar counter
  • New conveyor belt
  • Fixes to plumbing, electrical, lighting and audio-visual systems


YO! Sushi has now reopened to the public and is continuing to enjoy huge volumes of trade from hungry travellers who appreciate a trendy, high-quality, place to eat that is a little bit different from the norm.

Pacific Building Accreditation
Pacific Building Accreditation