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Three Lions, Wembley

The Football Association
Wembley Stadium, London
£1.8 million
42 days


Pacific had to fit out in just 43 days the prestigious Three Lions lounge at Wembley Stadium, billed as the biggest bar complex in the United Kingdom. It is a 13,000 square foot facility which will be visited by hundreds of thousands of football fans every year and which utlises a host of features and fittings to make for a memorable experience for all who visit.

Pacific were also conscious of the fact that it was imperative that the project did not over-run by even a day, as the window for completion opened on May 30, 2017, (after the English Premiership play-offs) and closed on August 6, 2017 (the date of the season-opening Charity Shield match).


Liaison with partner agencies and the Wembley team was key as Pacific drew on their vast experience of delivering to deadline and to budget on projects of large scale and in prestigious locations. The work was commenced towards the end of May, 2017, and was handed over to the clients at the start of August – just 43 days later.


The Three Lions lounge is quite simply one of the most stunning hospitality and entertainment facilities at a sporting venue anywhere in Europe. It boasts high-end flooring, lighting, panelling, audio-visual systems, decoration and furniture that are all in keeping with one of the world’s premier sports stadiums.

It also features a cutting-edge automated beer system that uses the latest technology to fill tumblers from the bottom with exactly the right amount of liquid via a magnet mechanism attached to the glass.

Pacific Building Accreditation
Pacific Building Accreditation