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Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger

McArthurGlen Luxury Retail
Glasgow International Airport
Three weeks


Pacific had to create, against an extremely tight deadline and in a “live” environment, two high-end retail outlets that would complement the profile and reputation of two of the biggest brands in world fashion.

Even though they are situated in the main concourse area of the airside space at Glasgow International Airport, Pacific were able to complete the joint project with minimal disruption to neighbouring retailers and to some of the 3.3million departing passengers who pass through every year.

An additional pressure was the knowledge that, in the case of Lacoste – who occupy space in 120 airports worldwide – it was to be the first travel retail store in Europe to have the newly designed Polo Room.


Strict scheduling, double-shifting and extra hours were all brought into play as Pacific drew on their vast experience to deliver yet another project at Glasgow Airport, where their name is associated wiith numerous successful completions.

The short timescale saw Pacific take advantage of the close proximity of their ancillary office, on the perimeter of the runway at Glasgow, so they could deliver materials and manpower efficiently and quickly. The end result came in on budget and on time.

High-end fittings and expensive mood lighting were also an integral part of the specification adhered to by Pacific, who have a track record of operating to the highest standards at airports across the UK.


Lacoste and Hilfiger are able to offer a mix of men’s and women’s fashion and lifestyle accessories to the massive number of passengers transiting through Glasgow Airport. Customers benefit from the added advantage of tax-free pricing, saving them the equivalent of 20 per cent on domestic high street prices. Feedback from passengers has been extremely positive, many of whom are excited about having another two highly recognised international brands operating at the airport.

The stores, which cover 1100 sq ft, have added to Pacific’s enviable reputation as a company who are able to deliver complex refurbishments in “live” public areas such as airports, hotels, restaurants, pubs and offices – right across the UK – on time and within budget and with minimal disruption to neighbouring trade.

Both stores are managed by outlet pioneers McArthurGlen Luxury Retail, Europe’s leading developer, owner and manager of designer outlet villages.

Pacific Building Accreditation
Pacific Building Accreditation