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Cafe, Tesco, Linwood

Tesco plc
Linwood, Renfrewshire
25 days


Pacific had to fit out to an extremely high standard one of the first Scottish iterations of The Cafe within a Tesco supermarket. Tesco in Linwood, Renfrewshire, was also the first restaurant in a raft of in-store eateries for supermarket giants Tesco to be delivered by Pacific.


Liaison with partner agencies and contractors was key as Pacific drew on their vast experience of delivering to deadline and to budget. The project was commenced on July 14, 2014 and handed over to the clients just 25 days later.

Pacific were conscious of the fact that The Cafe had to live up to Tesco’s promise that it would deliver a good quality, value-for-money dining experience to customers in a stylish and relaxing cafe-type environment boasting high-quality fittings and other eye-catching features.

The project involved brightwork, cladding, plumbing, plasterwork, lighting joinery work, heating, tiling, upholstery and decoration, as well as floor coverings, doors, ventilation and an office fit-out.


The Cafe is now open, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to thousands of customers every week, and it is a valuable, welcome and stylish addition to the overall Tesco experience. Tesco are endeavouring to introduce a fresh dimension to the shopping experience, and Pacific are proud to play a part in this development. The company’s restaurants are of the highest quality and looking to attract people of all ages with a range of meal options.

Pacific Building Accreditation
Pacific Building Accreditation