Fair working practices

Fair working practices

As a business, we are committed to providing fair work practices for our own employees and accommodating their individual needs as far as reasonably possible, while also actively encouraging our key supply chain partners to do the same.

Commitment To The Living Wage

Pacific Building are committed to supporting the payment of the real Living Wage, as demonstrated by the fact that we have signed up to the Scottish Business Pledge. Payment of the real Living Wage is one of the key elements of the Scottish Business Pledge.

We are proud to be part of the Scottish Business Pledge, as we believe that it is the right thing to do for our business and our clients. Here is the link to view our profile on the Scottish Business Pledge website.

Training & Development

Pacific Building is a Chartered Building Company with the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), demonstrating our commitment to the training and development of our staff at all levels. We are passionate to not only raise and maintain our own standards but those of competency and professionalism throughout the construction industry.

As part of our Chartered Status, we have provided a variety of training opportunities, including university degrees, masters qualifications and various NVQ’s.

We also employ a minimum of two apprentices per year in support to development of Scotland’s workforce. We remain committed to providing these opportunities, as we believe that it encourages commitment from our workforce to our business.

As a business, we invest approximately £50,000 per year on ongoing training for our directly employed staff. In delivery of this contract, we would seek to commit to continuing to provide these opportunities wherever possible.

Equality of Opportunity

Pacific Building are committed to ensuring Equal Opportunities are embedded within our organisation and that decisions regarding such things as recruitment, promotion, selection and training are based upon objective criteria.

We have created a culture which we call “The Pacific Way”, which sets out a number of core values and behaviours that inform the way we work. A fundamental aspect of this culture is our commitment to our people and investing in developing a skilled and diverse workforce who are committed to our business and committed to delivering great outcomes for our clients.

We are proud of the diversity within our existing team, and this is testament to our culture and values, which provide equal opportunity and do not discriminate in terms of age, gender, religion or belief, race, sexual orientation and disability.

We have actively taken measures to remove any gender pay gap and ensure that career development and training opportunities are open to all. Similarly, our recruitment processes have been developed to use gender-neutral language on job adverts and descriptions.

We are proud to have become an employee-owned business in 2019, which means each and every one of our employees has a vested interest and a stake in the success of our business.

We believe that this enhances the quality of our outcomes for our clients, including the quality of the finished project handed back to our client, driven by our mission statement “We exist to build great things”.

Stability of Employment

Another key element to our Scottish Business Pledge commitment is to ensure we do not use inappropriate zero-hours contracts within our business, which is something we are proud to support as we believe that it is good for our business, our people and our clients.

Furthermore, we also require our supply chain members to give us evidence of their practices in these areas, and we actively encourage and influence all of our supply chain as far as we possibly can to share these practices with us.

Flexible Working

We recognise the need to offer a flexible working pattern for our workforce, in support of work-life balance and family-friendly working. This is something that we are committed to as a business, in order to attract and retain the very best talent and to deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients.

Our policy on flexible working is set out in detail within our Employee Handbook and gives employees clear guidelines of our considerations in supporting flexible working. Our policy on flexible working is to ensure that employees working flexibly have the same opportunity for training and development as those working on a conventional full-time basis.

We aim to adopt a fair and balanced approach to accommodating flexible working, which enables our employees to benefit from the flexibility that they require while also ensuring that the needs of our business and our clients are met at all times by maintaining sufficient and appropriate levels of available staff at all times.

We firmly believe that flexible working can increase staff motivation, build better relationships between the Company and our employees, increase the rate of retention of staff, reduce absence, attract new talent, promote work-life balance and reduce employee stress.

In doing so, this will improve the company’s efficiency, productivity and competitiveness, while delivering a high quality outcome for our client.

Workforce Engagement

Pacific is an employee-owned business with oversight provided by an Employee Trust Board incorporating staff representatives.

The Pacific Board of Directors require to report to the Trust twice a year in terms of strategy and financial reporting.

In addition, Pacific have a Culture and Values committee, which provides a voice for employees, in terms of influencing overall policy.

An annual benchmarked survey is issued to all employees, the results of which are reviewed by management, with any issues or suggestions addressed.

Pacific are not aligned to any specific trades union but place no restriction on employees being member of unions or other professional representative organisations.

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