Employee Ownership

Employee Ownership – a matter of Trust

In January, 2019, Pacific Building became an Employee-owned business, heralding the start of an exciting new chapter in the history of the company.

Every staff member is now a beneficiary of an Employee Ownership Trust, which owns Pacific Building Ltd on behalf of all employees now and in the future.

In terms of the day-to-day running of the business, it is important to stress that nothing will really change – the management team will continue to run the company as before and our clients can continue to expect the same levels of world-class service from us.

But the change to Employee Ownership demonstrates our commitment to a creating a vibrant future for the company and building a durable, superior business asset that we can all be proud of – and one that truly fulfils our mission statement: “We exist to build great things.”

As a company, Pacific have always been strong on dedication and we have consistently exhibited a desire to grow and form new business relationships.

Under Employee Ownership, everyone on the team will have a new formal, vested interest in those principles and a tangible reason to uphold them and to develop them going forward.

We want to encourage employees to identify ways of improving the business. That could be ways of communicating better, finding cost-savings, improving processes, etc – and we want to find effective ways of keeping all employees informed about how well the business is doing.

We will ensure that employees have a voice at the highest level of Pacific – after all, it is now their company.

The difference between a conventionally structured business and an employee-owned firm is that the value for employee owners is more than just about financial return.

Employees tend to want fulfilling employment, to work for an ethical, innovative, respected company and to know that the company they work for is sustainable and can hopefully continue to provide employment.

Co-ownership Solutions LLP managed all aspects of Pacific’s move to employee ownership, and they were assisted and advised by Scottish legal firm Lindsays.

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