10 years in the making

WE’VE entered our tenth year in business, and Pacific are looking forward to a year of celebrations, running up to our big birthday on July 15, 2015.

The landmark occasion is going to be celebrated in a number of ways between now and next summer – so listen out for the Pacific drum being beaten loud and hard!.

First off, we have commissioned a new logo (featured above), which will be start to appear at various locations, from the website, to stationery, to our construction sites.

There will be a new birthday section on the website, which will showcase anniversary-related material.

We are also making 10 donations to 10 local charities over the year ahead, to show our social conscience.

And on or about the actual birthday, we plan to host a party at which Pacific staff, friends and clients will join us as we celebrate our success.

It’s a big year ahead for Pacific and the more who can be part of it, the better. Pacific Building … Proud to Build.

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